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Group visits to Disneyland® Paris

School reunion, football club bash, company outing or big pre-wedding send-off. Whatever your numbers or ages, we'll make sure your group comes together to share old memories and make new ones.
If you are a group of 20 people or more and if you wish to obtain further information on our prices : 0033 (1) 

*Note for the UK only:
If you're booking 6 rooms or more, or there are over 12 people in your group - you're entitled group rates.  Please call one of our selected groups operators below for more information:

Greatdays:   0161 928 4422
ICT :  020 7538 4627

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the gang's all here

Davy Crockett Ranch piscine

Teens, thirtysomethings, seniors: if you want fun, laughter, great food and magical attractions all in one place and under one roof, Disneyland Resort Paris is your ideal destination. Just send out the invitations and watch the replies flood in.

everyone has a good reason to come to Disneyland Resort Paris

bringing the extended family together

Tic et Tac posent avec famille

Your relatives may be scattered all over the country - even the globe - but it's your grandparents' wedding anniversary, so you want to go somewhere special. No guesses as to where you should choose.

Disneyland® Parks
Disney Hotels

spectacular shows and parades


No one puts on a show or a parade like Disney! Live on stage or out on the street, your group will enjoy plenty of spectacular action and magical entertainment with audience participation

parades and shows

a round or two of drinks

Café Mickey Restaurant Bar Disney Village

As well as a mouth-watering choice of restaurants for your group dinner, there are also plenty of themed bars both in the Disney Hotels and Disney Village. Try the "Blue Lagoon" restaurant, or hang out with your posse at "Billy Bob's Western Saloon". Whose round is it, partner?

discover our restaurants and bars

for a great company outing

Disneyland Hotel lobby

Our business is to make your business happy, which is why Disneyland Resort Paris is a great place for a works' outing or a company 'do'. Deluxe themed hotels, golf, shopping, restaurants and bars. It makes a refreshing change from the usual venues. And you might like to remind your boss that Disney Hotels host conventions too!

Disney Hotels
restaurants and bars

magical attractions make lasting memories

Indiana Jones(TM) et le Temple du péril

Enjoying Disneyland Resort Paris as a group couldn't be easier. Take an intergalactic team mission to Space Mountain: Mission 2, or lead your exploration party on an adventure in Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril (use FASTPASS to beat the queues). For multiple thrills, everyone prepare for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. To help you plan, we've prepared some special itineraries to keep your gang on the move.

special itinerary for groups

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

Buffalo Bill's Wild West  Show  Dîner Spectacle

We'll bring cowboy thrills, rolling wagons, stampeding buffaloes and even Wild Bill himself to your group dinner table! You can all take part in this rootin' tootin' dinner show spectacular, as the gang chows down the heartiest dinner this side of the Pecos.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

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